People don’t know

I am sure pretty much everyone who has a disability will agree with me when I say that unless they have the same condition as you they will never understand what your life is like. However had they may try to understand what it is like for you they will not be able to fully know what it is like.

It Is hard. I am in a wheelchair. 99% of the time i am upset about something the underlaying thought in my head is ‘it’s because I’m in a wheelchair isn’t it?’ I am a girl in my teens and so many changes happen: friendships, boys, school work, family situations and more. I start to blame myself if things go wrong.  I know that I shouldn’t but it’s just the way it is.

Your friends try to talk you out of it and tell me ‘ It’s not because your in   wheelchair, don’t be so silly’. But I know that deep down inside they may have a slight idea that it could be.

It’s not like this for everyone with a disability but for some of us it is and I am finding teenage years the hardest to cope with.

People do not know what life is like, to me it seems like an able bodied persons life may be easier because they do not have the Situation of disability to cope with. But everyone’s life is different.

I think that nowadays people need to come to terms with the fact that disability is quite common, and anyone with it should not be treated differently because of it.

I think that in the future life will get Better for us when we are treated equally.



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