Hey guys,

So i thought i would write about depression since as i said in my last post, i was suffering from it last year. To me it felt like however much i wanted it to go away, it would not. I just felt extremely sad and annoyed with myself i just thought, why would anyone want to be friends with me? It was like my little secret. I have such a lovely life but depression can happen to everyone no matter their background. I felt that i could not tell anyone because they might not believe me, but that is not true. Trust me you fell so much better once you tell someone. It’s like a weight has been taken off of your shoulders. Getting help is important and many organisations are confidential and won’t tell anyone if you don’t want them to. I have now passed that time in my life but it lasted a long time. To everyone out there you are not alone, i am happy to talk to anyone about it if you want me to. Don’t give up. I know it hurts at the moment but trust me i know people say all the time that it get’s better, but it genuinely does. You will be happy again! Childline was my saviour, but i will tell you about that in another post. Leave me any comments or questions about depression or anything you want to say!

Lots of love

Disabled teen


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